FrameMaker has been a full-fledged DITA authoring/editing solution for quite some time, and is a logical progression for MS Word users. Not only is it easy to convert Word documents to regular FrameMaker files, a relatively painless method can convert such files to DITA/XML files. This session focuses on how DITA or structured editing workspaces can be customized to make the transition easier for Word users. Discover how built-in DITA support creates "fill-in-the-blank" topics and why there are 3 markedly different ways to view and edit DITA. This session will help you determine if FrameMaker is the right path to DITA for you if you are outgrowing MS Word.

About the Presenter: Maxwell Hoffmann, Adobe's Global Product Evangelist for Tech Comm Suite, has extensive tech comm publishing experience, having worked for a variety of publishing vendors and translation agencies before coming on board with Adobe. He is a former FrameMaker product marketing manager with Frame Technology (before Adobe acquired the product), and has trained over 1,200 people in scalable publishing solutions over the years.